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​Better Births Midwifery Care

Better Births Midwifery Care

I have been a midwife for over 30 years, after apprenticing with midwives and at birth centers.

My training through Midwives College of Utah and as a nurse licensed in three states has prepared me to help families have the birth experiences they always wanted.
My midwifery assistant Mindy, is studying nursing and plans to eventually become a CNM.

My midwifery assistant Abby has extensive knowledge of essentials oils and herbal and homeopathic remedies.
Midwifery is my “calling” and I am honored to be able to serve birthing families. I believe that birth is a healthy, normal part of life. I encourage parents to become educated and to create their own birth experience.

Homebirth is a gentle way to bring babies into the world and allows parents to bond with their babies continuously after birth.  This gives parents a chance to
really get to know their baby which is an important time
for mothers, fathers, and the other children in the family.

It is so important for mothers and babies to have uninterrupted time after birth in which to bond and get to know each other, that it is called "the golden hour" .